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Arbitral Service

Providing cost-effective dispute resolution advice to Tanzanian and overseas entities on all aspects of their cross-border transactions, our integrated International Arbitration team acts as both counsel and arbitrators. From contract drafting and identification of risk management strategies through to guidance and support in arbitral and ADR proceedings and successful dispute resolution, we assist clients globally in managing their international risk.

We offer:

  • Internationally renowned arbitrators and arbitration practitioners who are recognized as leaders in the field of international arbitration and ADR and are at the forefront of current thinking in how to shape international dispute resolution processes.
  •  Internationally renowned arbitrators and arbitration practitioners who are recognized as leaders in the field of international arbitration and ADR and are at the forefront of current thinking in how to shape international dispute resolution processes.
  •  Internationally renowned arbitrators and arbitration practitioners who are recognized as leaders in the field of international arbitration and ADR and are at the forefront of current thinking in how to shape international dispute resolution processes.


Commercial Mediation

Dispute Management

Dispute System Design

As specialists in conflict / dispute resolution and avoidance we can advise and assist with the setting up and design of ADR systems for internal and external conflict resolution. Our Company helps organizations to develop and implement the most effective systems for resolving disputes between its clients, employees, or suppliers. We can assist your organization in developing comprehensive, multi-mechanism ADR programs to effectively deal with recurring organizational conflict with employees, consumers, commercial partners, and others.


When forming companies on behalf of international businesses, we provide the following services:

  • Incorporation of companies and formation of partnerships.
  • Drafting memoranda and articles of association.
  • Shareholders agreements.
  • Recording statutes in the appropriate registers.
  • Registering the new business for tax identification number (TIN) and, where appropriate, social security and VAT purposes.
  • Obtaining business license or regulatory licenses.


In addition to company formation, we can advise businesses making foreign/local investments on all aspects of their duties under local company law, and help them carry out their obligations.

Our package of services typically includes:

  • Legal procedures to change the officers of the company, change shareholdings, amend accounting reference dates, declare dividends, and so on.
  • Advice on directors’ duties and responsibilities.
  • Maintaining statutory registers and minutes.
  • Preparing statutory documents for board and general meetings, minutes for such events.
  • Acting as the company’s registered office.
  • Filing all necessary statements, accounts, forms, returns and resolutions on public record at Registrar of Companies (BRELA).
  • Dissolving the company.


We have an outstanding client service philosophy providing:

  • Technical excellence from friendly, responsive lawyer.
  • Focus on ADR to ensure where possible your legal issues are resolved without the need to resort to the cost and uncertainty of litigation.
  • Strategic, head-office advice and a commitment to containing costs.


Whether you are an individual entering into a large size deal or a start-up not able to afford a state of the art in-house legal department for your initial agreements or a mid-size company facing a resource crunch to manage the ever increasing volume of contracts with your company’s growth or a large size corporation spread across length and breath of globe, loosing control of various moving parts embedded in the pieces of papers called contracts;

we offer you trusted contract advisory to systematically and efficiently managing contract creation, execution and analysis for maximizing operational and financial performance and minimizing risk.

You can rely upon us for all your contracting needs from beginning till end. We provide the following services:

  • Contract Authoring, Review and Negotiation.
  • Contract Governance, Risk & Compliance.
  • Contractual Framework Analysis.
  • Contractual Framework Implementation.
  • Post-Signature Contract Management.


We have extensive experience in a variety of corporate transactions, representing clients from initial structuring through contract drafting and negotiation to closing. Our areas of expertise include mergers, stock and asset acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and private placements, in addition to public offerings, corporate restructurings, joint ventures, spin-offs, and divestitures. Calling on a long and favorable track record, we will ensure your successful transactions by crafting customized, innovative solutions.

  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Equity-Debt Conversion.
  • Divestitures.
  • Public debt and equity offerings (representing both issuers and underwriters).
  • Initial public offerings.
  • Joint ventures.
  • Mutual funds, hedge funds and broker-dealers.
  • Venture capital funds and emerging companies.
  • Energy transactions.


  • Insolvency Guidance: we provide advice on all the options involved and help to steer through the insolvency process, so that you can make the right decisions for the future of the company.
  • Sourcing of an Insolvency Practitioner .
  • Representation in creditor’s committees, in incidental and other disputes – we can help with preferences actions and disputes between the insolvent company and its trading partners and employees.
  • Comprehensive legal advice during the insolvency proceedings.


  • Governance structures, including committees.
  • Board composition and director evaluations.
  • Compliance with country laws and regulations.
  • Management compensation and employee incentive programs.
  • Related party transactions.
  • Resolution of board disputes and conflicts of interest.
  • Corporate governance agreements.
  • Policies and procedures to help mitigate potential conflicts.
  • Legal audits.


Our legal transcription services has grown to full extent. The main aspects of our outsourced legal transcription service is mainly in aiding the law firms, legal agencies, court reporters, prosecutors, and attorneys in transcribing testimony, pleadings, interrogatories, legal examinations, arbitrations, and feedbacks related to the hearings which are recorded on any voice systems.

Our transcription services can either be from recorded proceedings or real-time transcription (coming soon). Our experienced and competent legal transcriptionists are well-versed in the terminology that is unique to the legal profession. We’re also committed to preparing your legal documents promptly and with unsurpassed attention to detail.

  • Arbitrations hearings.
  • Witness Statements.
  • Court hearings /proceedings.
  • Corporate Meeting Minutes.
  • Administrative/Tribunal Hearings.
  • Depositions.
  • Disciplinary Hearings.
  • Interrogations.


Legal Due Diligence

The general purpose of due diligence procedures is to give a detailed overview of the object being sold or purchased (e.g. a company or a business unit) as the information revealed under a systematic enquiry can have a significant impact on various transaction elements such as the deal structure, value, representations and warranties obtained from the vendor, pre-closing covenants and specific indemnities for addressing any unresolved risks.

In the course of legal due diligence, we thoroughly review the client’s documentation and legal relations (or those specified by the client) and prepare a written report. The report provides a description of key findings highlighting any deficiencies and issues detected. Premised on our findings, we defend our client’s interest and provide an appropriate legal framework for capturing the desired transaction in a way that potential risks are minimized and a fair deal value is attained.

Forensic Investigations

Asset Tracing & Recovery


  • HR Policy Reviews.
  • Outsourced Disciplinary Hearing.
  • Representation at CMA.
  • Representation at High Court & Court of Appeal.

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