Masterclass in commercial mediation 2018

An annual two day Masterclass in Commercial Mediation in Dar es Salaam hosted by the ADR Academy. The skills based Masterclass will be followed by guidance from some of the world’s leading mediation experts, offering a unique opportunity to share, learn and discuss the better use of mediation when resolving disputes.


The programme is highly practical using the latest case studies and role play. The aim is to face each situation and learn from each other.

Why Attend?

This annual event will assist you in:

  • Gaining new skills while refreshing your current skills base.
  • Networking with mediators.
  • Learning about the options for developing a career in mediation.
  • Updating your knowledge on international developments.

Who should Attend?

Who should attend? Those seeking new skills and techniques for resolving both commercial and inter-personal conflicts – be they considering mediation or already a trained mediator:

  • Lawyers
  • Senior executives
  • Business advisers

Topics Covered


  • Defining commercial mediation.
  • Stages of the Mediation process.
  • Facilitative vs. Evaluative Models.
  • Handling ethical issues in mediation.


  • Mediators Skills & Techniques.
  • Tactics at impasse.
  • Dealing with the challenge of multi-party disputer
  • Open forum – participants raise their own issues
  • Mediation developments across several jurisdictions